At the International level Ms Nyokabi, the MSS CEO’s extraordinary entrepreneurship and business acumen saw her selected by the US State Department to represent Kenya in a U.S.
Government-sponsored program dubbed the Fortune/State Department International Women Leaders Mentoring Partnership. This business leadership & mentoring program running from April 29th through May 27th 2007, placed selected emerging businesswomen from the global arena in a mentoring program with Fortune's most acclaimed women leaders in the business world.
Ms Nyokabi had the privilege of training under the mentorship of one of America’s most powerful women; Ms. Kathleen Vaughan who is an Executive Vice President at Wells Fargo where she leads one of the many financial services companies for the fortune 500 bank.
Wells Fargo is among the 5 top banks in the USA and is the only triple AAA rated bank. The mentorship also provided opportunity to engage with Senators Hilary Clinton and Kay Hutchinson together with Elaine Chao, Secretary, US Department of Labor.
Ms Nyokabi further maximized on this important visit to the US to attend a Situational Leadership Conference at the Wells Fargo Conference Centre in San Francisco from 18 to 19th May 2007 designed and developed by Ken Blanchard, the American leadership guru at which she was the only delegate from Africa.
The experience therefore gives our business an appreciation of the unique standards of excellence such top-tier business organizations want to achieve and sustain in Africa.

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