We have been working with Marketing Strategies & Solutions [MSS] now for almost a year now and they have immensely assisted us in striving for the best when it comes to operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction. Their business consulting and training services have had a very positive impact on our organization, especially on employee focus and loyalty and this has enabled us to understand our staff and all our business associates better thus increasing efficiency and profitability.
We now have the right business model of being the leading intra-city delivery company, providing stiff and sustained competition to multinationals in this sector.
Anish Harania
Managing Director
In-Time Courier Ltd

Marketing Strategies & Solutions [MSS] partnered with us to re-brand; they adopted a customer management strategy of segmentation, integrated communications and talent alignment which resulted in:

  1. Expansion into other geographical markets and growth of the business by nearly 1000% within 6 months. The initial contract was with the largest telecommunication firm in Africa.
  2.  Development of sales tools reducing the cycle time by 50%. The sales team now uses up-to-date product information tools. These are 3D images of products captured for each market segment in an E-card which clients slot into their computer to visit sites virtually with the sales person.
  3. Identification of higher margin business opportunities from the current market segments & targets.
  4. Adoption of a business model that was aligned with our strategic intent and growth strategy.

Wahome Gitonga

Flooring & Interiors [F&I] 




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